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A Signal Of Coming Collapse

A Signal Of Coming Collapse | Gold Eagle.
Keith Weiner November 6, 2014

I proposed seven drivers of financial implosion in my dissertation. My recent writing has focused on two of them. One is the falling rate of interest on the 10-year government bond. As interest falls, the burden of debt rises. Since the falling rate incentivized more and more people to borrow, the number of indebted people, businesses, corporations, and of course governments is large. When the rate gets to zero, the burden of debt becomes theoretically infinite.

In the US, the downward trend is still in a deceptively mild phase (though there was a vicious spike down on Oct 15 to 1.87%). The rate on the 10-year Treasury is 2.3% today. In Germany, it is down to 0...

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The Fourth Central Bank Gold Agreement


The Fourth Central Bank Gold Agreement…Started Sept 27, 2014…What gives? | Gold Eagle.

by Julien Phillips October 9, 2014

On May 19, 2014, the European Central Bank and 20 other European central banks announced the signing of the fourth Central Bank Gold Agreement. This agreement, which applies as of  September 27, 2014, will last for five years and the signatories have stated that they currently do not have any plans to sell significant amounts of gold.

Collectively, at the end of 2013, central banks held around 30,500 tonnes of gold, which is approximately one-fifth of all the gold ever mined...

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Of Course The Gold Price Is Manipulated


Of Course The Gold Price Is Manipulated…That’s The Point! | Gold Eagle.

Throughout history, there have been a constant flow of schemes to try to manipulate the gold price and gold itself in terms of paper money. These have come from governments, institutions as well as from individuals. The aim has always been to either establish the value of currencies or enhance that value in terms of gold. The first key to this is to ensure that the gold price is made in the paper currency and not the price of the paper currency in gold.

At school you probably read the book called the Alchemist, where villains tried to invent formulae where they could transform lead to gold. While what they managed to do was a good confidence trick, they could not replicate gold...

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Determinant of Gold “Price”



It is not supply and demand which is currently driving the gold price

– if it were the very movement of the huge volume of gold from west to east, which has been so well documented in recent months, would have been sufficient to drive the price far higher – even taking into account the outflows from the ETFs, which have been way more than countered by the eastwards gold flow.

There are other bigger forces at play here, forces that are also responsible for changing sentiment with regard to gold and thus persuading weak holders to offload their holdings.

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The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind

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