Registration Policy


Applicants registering with Koperasi Az-Zahabi Selangor Berhad are subject to Section 4 of the Undang-Undang Kecil Koperasi as endorsed by Koperasi Az-Zahabi Selangor Berhad’s first annual general meeting.

Application for Registration as members of the Koperasi must be made via

 Member Policy

  1. A registration fee of RM 20.00 is payable with the application.
  2. The fee is returnable should the application be rejected by the Koperasi.
  3. Re-registration fee shall be RM 50.00.
  4. Nominees can assume principal’s membership within 6 months of the member’s demise.
  5. By clicking the “Register” button the applicant declares that he/she
    1. Shall be bound by the Undang-Undang Kecil Koperasi and its adopted Aturan for its activities
    2. Not a legally charged person.
    3. Not an undischarged bankrupt, and
    4. Not denied membership by another koperasi in the last 12 months

Shareholding Policy

  1. Only One (1) Share per Member
  2. Each Share is Ringgit Three Hundred (RM 300.00) only
  3. Eligibility to acquire Shares in Koperasi Az-Zahabi Selangor Berhad
    1. Open to all registered members and
    2. Malaysian Individuals that
      1. Has attained the age of 18.
      2. Has a place of abode, a property or employed within the locality of the Koperasi,
      3. Is not a legally charged person, mentally handicapped,
      4. Is not an undischarged bankrupt or denied membership by another Koperasi in the last 12 months.
  4. The Board of Directors reserves all rights to refuse an application and that successful applicants shall be notified within 30 days of application.