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Assalaamualaikum and Hi there,

I am pleased to introduce Koperasi Az-Zahabi Selangor Berhad, a cooperative registered as B-4-1029 with Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM).

Join us at

The Koperasi is providing an alternative avenue for its customers and members to save and manage their wealth.

At one would be able to perform the followings;

  1. Deposit and manage a Ringgit account
  2. Convert Ringgit into 0.1 gram of real 999.9 gold units
  3. Sell and withdraw Ringgit via your banking account
  4. And in the following phases;

    ♥ ability to exchange your gold units with physical gold bars or physical dirhams.

    ♥ transfers gold units or dirhams to another member’s Account.

    ♥ access to hassle-free online ar-Rahnu facilities.

    ♥ access to a 0.1 gram gold unit ~ dirham based online retail and capital markets.

    ♥ have Dirham accounts for online barter exchanges.

So come join us at

But before doing that please pay a registration fee of RM 20.00 to the Koperasi’s Maybank account 5627.6840.1270 or via our apps

If you have any problems registering … call me or Whatsapp at +60 111 330 7579 

Thank you and I sincerely hope that by being a member of you would be able to regain your real wealth and be able to manage it better.


JazakAllahu khairan kathira.

Izzuddin Shah
General Manager
Koperasi Az-Zahabi Selangor Berhad