Koperasi Az-Zahabi Selangor Berhad

The Koperasi shall operate an Ar-Rahnu business with the members interest in mind. It shall also provide a platform for the acquisition, safe keeping and exchange services to members and customers of the Koperasi. The Ar-Rahnu business that Koperasi Az-Zahabi shall adopt, evolve not around its simple form of micro financing but more of wealth management.

  1. Koperasi Az-Zahabi Selangor Berhad facilitates conversion of cash into gold units for its members and customers, made available via its mobile application and website; azzahabi.my. The gold units are 0.1 gram units, allotted from PAMP Suisse 999.9 gold cast bars.
  2. Conversion is made easy with the on-line multi-type-account system that allow members and customers to top up cash into their currency account, buy or sell gold units and exchange the gold units with other products and services. 
  3. Regular audit by an independent auditor shall authenticate the existence of these gold bars, stored in safe deposit boxes.
  4. Withdrawals initially shall only be in the form of cash; reversed out through the member/customer registered bank account. In later phases, option to convert into preferred gold bars or dinars or dirhams.
  5. The mainstay of the system would be to allow members/customers to pawn/ar-rahnu their gold savings via their online account. A separate ar-rahnu account shall be created for each ar-rahnu transaction.
  6. The members/customers would also be able to utilise their gold units in the DinarLife ~ a Halal Fintech Eco-System.