POLITICAL ARTICLESPublished on July 8, 2022By WakeUpUmmah I belive that the small inside events that leave a mark should be observed at from the outside and I’m writing this because it isn’t possible to do the opposite. I’m talking about GERMANS and TETONS. I’m talking about a solid ecole here. I’m trying to describe a…

Fiqh manhaji

AL-FIQH AL-MANHAJIMAZHAB AL-SYAFIE 􀀤􀀉􀀔􀀋􀀁􀀅􀀁􀀔􀀇􀀁􀀈􀀄 􀀊􀀉􀀈􀀍􀀁􀀖􀀁􀀑􀀁􀀈􀀄 􀀅􀀁􀀆􀀁􀀟􀀄 􀀋􀀕􀀋􀀁􀀊􀀁􀀑􀀕􀀄 􀀙􀀓􀀇􀀓􀀄 􀀕􀀈􀀕􀀄 􀀖􀀉􀀖􀀊􀀓􀀈􀀆􀀁􀀕􀀄 􀀊􀀉􀀒􀀙􀀁􀀍􀀁􀀕􀀄􀀇􀀉􀀕􀀅􀀑􀀕􀀖􀀉􀀨􀀁􀀁􀀈􀀟􀀄􀀁􀀈􀀑􀀁􀀔􀀁􀀈􀀆􀀁􀀦􀀄